Me and Her

This is the #1 Horse : Corrib Tria - a lady of impeccable manners except when in lots of company, gets very excited then and won't stand still. I can live with that.
We have a bond, as long as I feed and groom her on a regular (daily) basis then she will let me ride her, she makes her displeasure known by turning her back on me, a very uncultured thing to do, potentially dangerous, she hasn't looked like trying to kick me since we met.
We compete together on a regular basis, Show Jumping, X-Country,Drag Hunting and occasionaly  Dressage- my weak area. We have been together over 2 years now and she almost trusts me, I certainly trust her. My name is Jeremy Garnett  I am married to June and have a near daughter- well she helps spend my money like a real one - called Nicky.

Map below  is of Anglesey, our main play ground!  It's an Island connected to the rest of Wales by 2 Road bridges, and a Rail way bridge, a lovely place to live, though hard for the young, difficult to find housing. I am not native to this island, I was born in England. I have a house with ' a large garden' 12 acres, and have built some stables there, for my hobby and my wife's business- The Boss, working on building a Sand Arena now, we will call it 'mini desert  ' that's if the rain will let us, the Irish send us their rain when they have finished with it, we have said we don't mind if they want to hang onto it for a bit longer, but I don't think they appreciated our gesture. May their  poteen go missing

UPDATE: We have finished the Menage and it is wonderfull, my riding has improved so much, combined with the fitness and conditioning work for myself - no I don't have 2 coaches like Andy Murray, only a Jeep!  I am ready to take on the world, probably!

Where I work

Where I work, I am a Domestic Energy Assessor, I evaluate peoples homes for them to see if they are using energy as efficiently as possible, and suggest ways to save money on thier energy bills

Have you 1 horsepower as well? 

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