Pain, from sitting, well actually from my poor horse slipping and falling over, with me on her, well she says she slipped I think she was drunk on haylage, and I have stepped up the amount of work I do in the gym and in the Sand Arena- Menage, actually wood chip , we decided to go with Easiride, it has lived up to the hype, lovely easy surface and starting to ride well, needs settling down, no I am not volunteering to fall on it, but My horse and I have been round it a few hundred times, oh yeah and across it - less!

Pain from thinking, do you think this blog writes itself , no it's finely crafted by me, yeah your right:  it would probably be better if I let it write itself. Being a 1 horsepower lover is like any pair of lovers an occasional invitation to insanity, so my attempts at humour are to allay that, I have managed to post pone my psychological evaluation for several butterflies and a really smart pair of Wellington Boots, well it was raining. That reminds me we went to a local show at a place called Llanerchymedd, at least that's what they call it, I mangle an approximation.Clan mud, But back to the rain, it sheeted down and we all got soacked, but the horse and I had fabulous fun doing the Working Hunter, a class that recreates the excitement of the hunting field, yawn, oh sorry were was I ? Yes having fun in the rain, that created an illusion of reality I can tell you, warmer than the winter rain , I am pleased to say. We came 4th , yes there was more than that in the class!