I am happy today. We went to Ned's shed yesterday, I rode as hard and as high as ever and I am here physically functional , with the same wits as before, bereft.

It was a Xmas fun competition, the boss and I with a little- almost unoticable amount- of help from our friends took  9  horses and 2 ponies, they all did as well as they were able which was very satisfying, Lucy came all the way from Stockport with her chauffeur, to ride 2 for us, 2 very different rides , the Irish 'phoenix' he can rise from the ground like a bird from the flames, and Rudi, a true enthusiast, wiil be grate- I mean great- soon. I paired up with Nicky on Shannon to contest the pairs, we bulleted round the course, only beaten by children on ponies, who teased the rules quite a lot, and were faster.

The the wall. Now that finshed when we did and it was HUGE 1.15m, with my skill I thought it was frighteningly high, easily impressed me , yes 1.15m or 4' in English , every body had a go as the wall went up, Pink Floyd would have been happy as we kept putting another brick in the wall. Celie was on Mustard and the wall got higher than him before they stopped, she can't read this at the moment, coz her Dad has locked Father Christmas in the computer room, he will escape to deliver . I have put weight loss at the top of my letter to him, my horse Tria told me to, normally I don't know more than the most basic of horselanguage- ears flat back , nostrils thinned, teeth bared that means either I want to eat you or thank you, most likely the first- but Tria uses mental telepathy, or guilt to contact me. I must also mention , Carl, Rhys, Lara and Simon who rode, and the boss , Celie and Lara's mum Lucy and dad Justin and grandpa and grandma and Rhys' brother Simon who helped on the ground, told you it was almost miniscule the help we had.   
By the way if you are worried about Father Xmas you can track his progress round the world on Xmas day on a website established by NORAD just for that : http://www.noradsanta.org/

Guestbook. 12/04/2007

Hi Horse lovers ,. what do you think so far, it will probably get worse from now on, I had very little creative juice to start with, and one of the alchoholics in this house knicked that, mixed it with a very nice white wine I believe or was that me!

Nothing broken 12/04/2007

Well , went to Ned's shed again, our local indoor training center, I have broken both my little fingers there several times, my right leg, been taken away in a neck brace by ambulance with concussion, and fallen off enough times to qualify, though i am not, as an expert, thats right over 7 times.

Went there on Sunday with Tria and lots of friends, Nicky, Rhys, Celie and Simon riding , June instructing. Managed to fall off again , but this time i bounced back on, well after I had found a  mounting block , Tria is nearly 17hh after all, and I am not as flexible as I used to be. Forgot to turn left until nearly bouncing off a wall, I really do need practice.