Well, hello from the home of the Arabian Horse, I am here with the boss in Dubai for the richest Ariabian Horse show in the world, I feel a bit like a saltwater fish in fresh water, I am a rider of Hunters, my ID x TB mare for example, who can carry me all day in the hunting field, well maybe not all day. The boss and I have been invited out here, as a thank you for her skill in judging horses, no not Arabians on this ocasion though she did pick in the correct order 1, 2 and 3 in the 1st class.

More showing tomorrow where I expect our host to do as well as today.

The Hole 03/06/2008

Well we have a 40 x 20m hole in our field next to the house, well slightly over, now the detective would say that sounds like the size of a Sand Arena , and I would agree, and agree again if they said your building one aren't you? Yes indeeed we have a hole and the work is going well so far ,the weather has been favorable and the Heavy JCB driver - Will-  was a genius, he has carved out the perfect shape that is at the right degree of slope, the drainage has been laid and the trenches are being filled as I talk, then Terram , and then stone, then Road Shavings, then: are that is the question  " easiride" or sand and rubber, depends on negotiation with the suppliers. Then fencing round it, my good friends from H&L Skid Steer are working wonders. yes I am hoping for some sponsorship, I think I may have been promised some free straw, we'll wait on that one.

It has to be said I was expecting to pay for this hole and its contents but the Boss has come up trumps and found most of the money herself!!.

Rider meets Road 02/24/2008

Hi did that title catch your eye, well not 1/2 as hard as my bum hit the road. I was out on a chesnut mare, she will be nameless as it was a feak event, riding in company , I patted her on the shoulder as a thank you , I had ben tightening my girth,but  I had forgotten  this was a manouver that makes her edgy, and then a lorry loaded with scaffolding went past, rattling and too close, she reacted by bouncing and bucking in fright , I parted company on the 4th bounce, and hit the road, luckily my riding hat protected my head, so it was just my coccyx and bum that got squashed, I  rolled out of the way quickly in case she stepped on me, extemely unlikely, horses don't lke doing it , and then crawled to the pavement, I was in pain, but manageable, walked home and had a bath, which didn't help, and went to bed, but the pain kept getting worse, so I spoke to the local Doctor who said needed to go to A & E , he called an ambulance, which took only about 2 hours to get here, went to Bangor, was given more pain killers, x-rayed told nothing there and could go home after supplying water sample , no prob said I , 2 cofees, 4 teas, 6 waters and 4 hours later I did and we went home,ouch.


Things have been rolling along nicely recently, apart that is from the belly virus doing its rounds and the bloody appalling weather, I have managed a beach ride twice, the 2nd noteable for Rio taking an unofficial swim on new years day and dunking Rhys at the same time, i am happy to report that as well as giving me immense satisfaction at there look , niether was harmed and Rhys was wet but high on the joy of it for hours afterwards.

I managed to go hunting last week , an eventfull time , I hated charging down hill towards the sea and Tria found the going on the steep slopes a massive challenge, we with drew before the end, I love her too much to hurt her needlessly. Ironically we actually saw a fox tearing across a couple of fields , the master Tony Beardsley knowing of my love of tearing down towards the sea invited me to lead the pursuit, nice to have a master with a sense of humour, we were recovering  at the time and the hounds were trained for drag hunting and couldn't have cared less about reynards presence, so it was just a visual spectacle,

Getting geared up physically and mentally now for our assault on Aintree, yes we are , no of course we are not ,running in the Grand National, we are both far to dignified - and bloody petrified- to take on jumps that large, no we are aiming for the new Indoor Equestrian centre recently opened there, it's BSJA Novice for us and maybe if things go well a crack at the 1.05m open, we are adventuring, or bloody insane- report soon- the psychiatrist has been evaluating me for years, initially as to how much I could afford his fees and now as he would like to publish and he is digging around in any old rubbish bin for material.