The Hole


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Well we have a 40 x 20m hole in our field next to the house, well slightly over, now the detective would say that sounds like the size of a Sand Arena , and I would agree, and agree again if they said your building one aren't you? Yes indeeed we have a hole and the work is going well so far ,the weather has been favorable and the Heavy JCB driver - Will-  was a genius, he has carved out the perfect shape that is at the right degree of slope, the drainage has been laid and the trenches are being filled as I talk, then Terram , and then stone, then Road Shavings, then: are that is the question  " easiride" or sand and rubber, depends on negotiation with the suppliers. Then fencing round it, my good friends from H&L Skid Steer are working wonders. yes I am hoping for some sponsorship, I think I may have been promised some free straw, we'll wait on that one.

It has to be said I was expecting to pay for this hole and its contents but the Boss has come up trumps and found most of the money herself!!.



03/07/2008 01:29

I know, marvelous isn't it. We have waited years for this, bring on the wet weather riding! Not, fair weather rider me, but I think the youngsters of this establishment will be in their element, and NO mud.


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