Pain, from sitting, well actually from my poor horse slipping and falling over, with me on her, well she says she slipped I think she was drunk on haylage, and I have stepped up the amount of work I do in the gym and in the Sand Arena- Menage, actually wood chip , we decided to go with Easiride, it has lived up to the hype, lovely easy surface and starting to ride well, needs settling down, no I am not volunteering to fall on it, but My horse and I have been round it a few hundred times, oh yeah and across it - less!

Pain from thinking, do you think this blog writes itself , no it's finely crafted by me, yeah your right:  it would probably be better if I let it write itself. Being a 1 horsepower lover is like any pair of lovers an occasional invitation to insanity, so my attempts at humour are to allay that, I have managed to post pone my psychological evaluation for several butterflies and a really smart pair of Wellington Boots, well it was raining. That reminds me we went to a local show at a place called Llanerchymedd, at least that's what they call it, I mangle an approximation.Clan mud, But back to the rain, it sheeted down and we all got soacked, but the horse and I had fabulous fun doing the Working Hunter, a class that recreates the excitement of the hunting field, yawn, oh sorry were was I ? Yes having fun in the rain, that created an illusion of reality I can tell you, warmer than the winter rain , I am pleased to say. We came 4th , yes there was more than that in the class!


Well, hello from the home of the Arabian Horse, I am here with the boss in Dubai for the richest Ariabian Horse show in the world, I feel a bit like a saltwater fish in fresh water, I am a rider of Hunters, my ID x TB mare for example, who can carry me all day in the hunting field, well maybe not all day. The boss and I have been invited out here, as a thank you for her skill in judging horses, no not Arabians on this ocasion though she did pick in the correct order 1, 2 and 3 in the 1st class.

More showing tomorrow where I expect our host to do as well as today.

The Hole 03/06/2008

Well we have a 40 x 20m hole in our field next to the house, well slightly over, now the detective would say that sounds like the size of a Sand Arena , and I would agree, and agree again if they said your building one aren't you? Yes indeeed we have a hole and the work is going well so far ,the weather has been favorable and the Heavy JCB driver - Will-  was a genius, he has carved out the perfect shape that is at the right degree of slope, the drainage has been laid and the trenches are being filled as I talk, then Terram , and then stone, then Road Shavings, then: are that is the question  " easiride" or sand and rubber, depends on negotiation with the suppliers. Then fencing round it, my good friends from H&L Skid Steer are working wonders. yes I am hoping for some sponsorship, I think I may have been promised some free straw, we'll wait on that one.

It has to be said I was expecting to pay for this hole and its contents but the Boss has come up trumps and found most of the money herself!!.

Rider meets Road 02/24/2008

Hi did that title catch your eye, well not 1/2 as hard as my bum hit the road. I was out on a chesnut mare, she will be nameless as it was a feak event, riding in company , I patted her on the shoulder as a thank you , I had ben tightening my girth,but  I had forgotten  this was a manouver that makes her edgy, and then a lorry loaded with scaffolding went past, rattling and too close, she reacted by bouncing and bucking in fright , I parted company on the 4th bounce, and hit the road, luckily my riding hat protected my head, so it was just my coccyx and bum that got squashed, I  rolled out of the way quickly in case she stepped on me, extemely unlikely, horses don't lke doing it , and then crawled to the pavement, I was in pain, but manageable, walked home and had a bath, which didn't help, and went to bed, but the pain kept getting worse, so I spoke to the local Doctor who said needed to go to A & E , he called an ambulance, which took only about 2 hours to get here, went to Bangor, was given more pain killers, x-rayed told nothing there and could go home after supplying water sample , no prob said I , 2 cofees, 4 teas, 6 waters and 4 hours later I did and we went home,ouch.

Unlucky? 01/26/2008

Unlucky? Not sure did fall off my horse , but it was at Aintree International Equestrian Centre, in the middle of the world famous Aintree racecourse, I had gone clear through the 1st phase and the fall was due to pilot error, I was in 2 minds – very normal, sometimes 3- about the best way to the next fence , so didn’t aim properly for the current fence, landed on my posterior- bum- and bruised my coccyx- tail bone-however no lasting damage, not even to my ego , I was pragmatic about my chances and had gone over my expectations, so had Nicky on Shannon so she was over the moon, and keen to try again, she wasn’t feeling well – her RA playing up and nervous and wanted to get over the 1st fence, Shannon is not an easy ride at the moment, well she did and several more. As for Rhys and Lucy Moores- it certainly wasn’t unlucky for them, Rhys went flying round on Rio in 23.21 seconds, which looked beatable, it was but only by 2 others and 1st went to Lucy on ‘Spencer’ with a time of 22.91, there were nearly 100 competitors in the class, so it was brilliant riding, both horses from my home stables, Lucy bought hers through us, and Rhys trained Rio up from an excitable 3 year old stallion to a still excitable 5 year old gelding with talent, scope and a great future, all his training is with the boss and Rhys.

Luck changed then , the next class was 1.05m open and boy was it open , the competitors ranged from Rhys, S.A. and me to Ellen Whitaker- she is ranked in the Top 20 in the world , she had for company her father Steven and John Whitaker, yes the one who is ranked in the Top 10 , he was there on the ground, she was I think giving a youngster experience, so only got 3rd out of again , nearly 100.

It was 2 phase , again, I lost my nerve temporarily at the 1st fence , then flew it and #2 so well , said ok , by which time I was passed #3, on my way round Aintree racecourse, and eliminated for 2 refusals, well one and a circle. Rhys went in and had only 1 down #7 , he thinks maybe his fault, he was trying to settle Rio , who was jumping superbly but getting quicker and he  just got the stride wrong.  Simon A  started a bit rocky but him and Dollar , suddenly changed gear after #3 and he went round really positively and well, probably his best round as before he went round he was bricking it- yes I kid you not , he was carrying breeze blocks- solids around, just because it was a bit higher than he was expecting, we both thought  “ bloody hell its enormous” well it was for us. But Lady Luck hadn’t deserted us, we survived.


Why Dilbert 01/22/2008

Hi Readers why did I add Dilbert, well I consider the comics as insane as I am, the humour is definitlely in my league, though I couldn't sustain it every day, as the author Scott Adams does, that level of insanity needs practice , ho hum.  Its good to have a laugh after riding, you don't feel the pain as strongly.


Things have been rolling along nicely recently, apart that is from the belly virus doing its rounds and the bloody appalling weather, I have managed a beach ride twice, the 2nd noteable for Rio taking an unofficial swim on new years day and dunking Rhys at the same time, i am happy to report that as well as giving me immense satisfaction at there look , niether was harmed and Rhys was wet but high on the joy of it for hours afterwards.

I managed to go hunting last week , an eventfull time , I hated charging down hill towards the sea and Tria found the going on the steep slopes a massive challenge, we with drew before the end, I love her too much to hurt her needlessly. Ironically we actually saw a fox tearing across a couple of fields , the master Tony Beardsley knowing of my love of tearing down towards the sea invited me to lead the pursuit, nice to have a master with a sense of humour, we were recovering  at the time and the hounds were trained for drag hunting and couldn't have cared less about reynards presence, so it was just a visual spectacle,

Getting geared up physically and mentally now for our assault on Aintree, yes we are , no of course we are not ,running in the Grand National, we are both far to dignified - and bloody petrified- to take on jumps that large, no we are aiming for the new Indoor Equestrian centre recently opened there, it's BSJA Novice for us and maybe if things go well a crack at the 1.05m open, we are adventuring, or bloody insane- report soon- the psychiatrist has been evaluating me for years, initially as to how much I could afford his fees and now as he would like to publish and he is digging around in any old rubbish bin for material. 


I am happy today. We went to Ned's shed yesterday, I rode as hard and as high as ever and I am here physically functional , with the same wits as before, bereft.

It was a Xmas fun competition, the boss and I with a little- almost unoticable amount- of help from our friends took  9  horses and 2 ponies, they all did as well as they were able which was very satisfying, Lucy came all the way from Stockport with her chauffeur, to ride 2 for us, 2 very different rides , the Irish 'phoenix' he can rise from the ground like a bird from the flames, and Rudi, a true enthusiast, wiil be grate- I mean great- soon. I paired up with Nicky on Shannon to contest the pairs, we bulleted round the course, only beaten by children on ponies, who teased the rules quite a lot, and were faster.

The the wall. Now that finshed when we did and it was HUGE 1.15m, with my skill I thought it was frighteningly high, easily impressed me , yes 1.15m or 4' in English , every body had a go as the wall went up, Pink Floyd would have been happy as we kept putting another brick in the wall. Celie was on Mustard and the wall got higher than him before they stopped, she can't read this at the moment, coz her Dad has locked Father Christmas in the computer room, he will escape to deliver . I have put weight loss at the top of my letter to him, my horse Tria told me to, normally I don't know more than the most basic of horselanguage- ears flat back , nostrils thinned, teeth bared that means either I want to eat you or thank you, most likely the first- but Tria uses mental telepathy, or guilt to contact me. I must also mention , Carl, Rhys, Lara and Simon who rode, and the boss , Celie and Lara's mum Lucy and dad Justin and grandpa and grandma and Rhys' brother Simon who helped on the ground, told you it was almost miniscule the help we had.   
By the way if you are worried about Father Xmas you can track his progress round the world on Xmas day on a website established by NORAD just for that :

Guestbook. 12/04/2007

Hi Horse lovers ,. what do you think so far, it will probably get worse from now on, I had very little creative juice to start with, and one of the alchoholics in this house knicked that, mixed it with a very nice white wine I believe or was that me!

Nothing broken 12/04/2007

Well , went to Ned's shed again, our local indoor training center, I have broken both my little fingers there several times, my right leg, been taken away in a neck brace by ambulance with concussion, and fallen off enough times to qualify, though i am not, as an expert, thats right over 7 times.

Went there on Sunday with Tria and lots of friends, Nicky, Rhys, Celie and Simon riding , June instructing. Managed to fall off again , but this time i bounced back on, well after I had found a  mounting block , Tria is nearly 17hh after all, and I am not as flexible as I used to be. Forgot to turn left until nearly bouncing off a wall, I really do need practice.