When we go low flying/ high jumping...

Don't need oxygen yet.

Lucy and Spencer, aiming for the stars, in rehearsal, pretty aerodynamic huh!

I am too low to fly, but not for long

Lara, who is keen as Mustard, no not that one, Celie's sister, practicing elegance, when flatwork right then she will put the bumps in.

UPDATE she is jumping now, it's amazing how quickly she learned

After low flying

Whew I am shattered, good thing that Lucy's dad-Jim-has got me now, he is a sailor not a rider so used to patience and standing around leaning, while Lucy does the Glam!

Where are the hounds ?

Tria to me "lose some  weight or we will keep losing the hounds" me to Tria " if you weren't complaining so much perhaps you could run properly."