The fun has just begun

Candy Can do, teacher of the very young

This is our Shetland , we loan her to friends, this is Ginger McCain's grandson learning, he has a lot of concentration, tricky business.

Concentration is catching

Nicky has had some tongue biting rides, but not this time, they sailed round, it was the sunshine, she caught this year's summer day

Badger , Yearling but growing, will be a Stallion

He is out now at a friends farm learning the skills of a stallion, now there's a lucky boy, he will be a big bleeder I mean breeder for us soon.

"Well I am now 2 and I have had 7 mares and they are all in foal, well that's my story and I am sticking to it, time will tell that I am right, bring on those ladies, those very spanish ladies, actually they are 1/2 welsh but hey ho".

Yes ! You guessed it , tail end Charlotte.

We let them get away , they need the confidence, Finola the grey is normally Miss S l o w , but this was different, she loved it.

The beach, absolutely stunning for a horse and her rider.

We were in a race here , guess what place, the next picture will give you a clue, the others were lighter and younger..

The dog with the waggiest ears

She ran so fast , she had to use her ears to stay earth born