More 1 Horsepower lovers.....

Harry carrying Lucy

Well she couldn't carry him, mind you she's strong, for a girl, she is a Summer Visitor to our shores, wants to pursue a career in horses, she may get sense later, but has that slightly manic look and obsession that says maybeeee not!  Alright  yeh!

You can read her own website :

The girls playing

Nicky on her other pony Finola and Lucy being carried by Harry again, showing pairs at work, that picture was taken on Anglesey , but looks like Kenya, beautiful neh! 

International mate!

This is Jo Ivimey at Anglesey County Show winning the Working Hunter, she was also Champion Working Hunter, well her horse Joey was, he stays in England now, was with us for couple of years and Jo had him in the summer, she is based at the Desert Palms Riding Club in Dubai U A E which she manages and is Chief Instructor, she's competing Bob there now (see 1hp1)

 I became friends with her as she needed a loan home for Tilly her past Eventer, and I took her on, what a great horse, needed nerve to ride as  likes  to do everything flatout, great once you trusted her 24 and semi-retired now. 'Tthe Boss' supplies her clients with horses occasionally, so they run up my phone bill.......

Tilly - not so past Eventer

The aforementioned -Ashvale Lass - aka Coppermine Chantilly  aka Tilly- I live next to Parys Mountain's coppermines- I and Tilly, only 21 there, what a superstar, we were a good match, both needed to slow for a breather, she because she pulled me round so hard and me because then I was still a smoker- glad I quit now, I needed to then, her speed used to really get the adrenaline flowing!

She adores Mars Bars, we can indulge her now, I used to worry that she would fail a dope test, no not really, she was no dope!!