Riders having fun

All dressed up & partying

Sarah M and Suasage, side saddling in 'an outfit' to victory, Sausage was here, we thought we had taught her better, but she got retrained.

No mud please, were British

Going hopefully through the mud, I did get splattered at next mud bath oh c'est la vie!

I love to boogie!

Cas and Gromit, she hasn't lost her passion for flying low.

Gently does it

Claire and Beckams 1st water jump, don't they make it look easy, any swimmers watching ?

The Boss & I visiting

Its me again, this tme with June on Tilly, I was on Flynn, he is now in Belgium with a very happy girl, she sent me a postcard about him a few months ago, he was very dressed up as he was at some horse blessing ceremony.

Quiet before the storm

This is Rhys P he has taken to hunting like a duck to water, and has even gone to water himself, his daughter Manon , not seen above, hunts with him

110 horsepower ! !

Couldn't resist this picture, have to share it .I do like horse power , this is Simon's Aprilia RSV Mille 1000cc , with me warming up the tyres between races at a local race course.