Too much power?

How not too jump

We survived just, you should see my face, better when there are no children around  who can hear you scream

Not my choice to be on the ground!

Horse says " thats too scary, no way hose, you so keen you go 1st and check it out."

Ooh help!

Silence is Golden

This is Sheena, she can talk till the cows come home, think they just have! 

This could be wetting!

Whew ! Standing still

I use Lowri as my name, this is  My small horse Buster, so full of energy, like riding dynamite I think,  he makes me  nervous ,better have another can of cider !!!

But he does halt, ok yah!

Oh no water!

Tilly ! She is so easy to ride.

Paul, Nicky's brother jumping Tilly, as you can see no nerves, ignorance is bliss.

1 Horsepower! easy. Easier than the car I am learning on, that needs pink!

Are you following the story so far children, this is Llinos who is Rhys's sister and Paul's girlfriend, enjoying herself for a change, she is still on the up part of the learning curve, so it's not always like this. But she can calm horses, so very usefull. She is riding Harry 4 aka Walker, he loves to walk with a very long stride, look at me type.