Some friends at play

Off the bales and fly

We jump even with out a horse, Celie and Lucy getting ready.

Tom Lloyd, flying visit

It runs in the family.

Hi I am Justin , father of Celie and Lara proving to them that I can still jump, they can't see my magic horse, can you?

Jennifer & Owen in Abu Dhabi

"Hi I am Jennifer Jennings a Stud Manager  in Abu Dhabi on my new horse Check Mate - Owen - who I got from Anglesey."  Yes she is one of our international friends. Owen flew out there and she thinks he's a star , so he is one of our Flying Stars!

My mare the lady carrying a lady


I am now at College, the rider used to teach.

This is Ann Roberts of Penatran Stud who is riding Lady, she is a BHS I and Lady is now doing RDA, not one of our flying stars but still a star.

Hi this is policing in the community, the right face of it.