Me and Thee

I am not the only one I know who likes 1 horse power, pictures and stories.

Ok, where is the Action ?

It's nearly Xmas are we going hunting soon, I like speed. Hope the hounds follow the drag properly, that is fun.

 Its spring now and my hoof is playing up, thank fully the farrier and the vet trust that Jeremy will- probably- pay them so are looking after me, new shoes with bars -yes I would like a large whisky too- and about to have nerve blocking...... They will need nerve if they try to get it wrong, I have very dainty feet for a !7hh lady , but thats still a lot of hoof, I can stand on a foot or apply force to their rump if I want to!

Little Mustard over big jump

Mustard carrying Celie who is one of the Bosses up and coming young riders- she has a younger sister who is as keen as mustard, not that Mustard-  has enough nerve,in spite of being diddy. This is good practice for jumping stone walls, that will be soon.
More about Celie

Now we are following the hounds!

The Boss

That's the Boss, also the wife, my instructor, anything I don't know isn't her fault, she has better telling skills than I do listening, how unusual !  She has been around horses  for ..... years nearly said how long, I like to calculate my risks and  that one was too  risky. She has a sense of humor, mostly slapstick,my failing to get my leg high enough when trying to vault a gate, nearly left us both in agony on the floor, her from laughing so hard. 
June has her own website that she uses to sell Horses and Ponies  from.

The Near daughter playing, had a new hat since.

This mare is one of 2 horses keeping Nicky from succumbing to the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, what we call Equestrian Physiotherapy, horses can do that, and Shannon does everything she can to help Nicky, its only the rest of us she wants to bite, we do feed her regulalrly - honest, Nicky I mean , no Shannon,  Nicky is old enough to feed herself.  She also has a pony called Finola who doesn't try to bite people, very keen on feeding time,Oats and such like.  (Photo to follow.) pairs on next page.

Update: Shannon has developed Wobbler Syndrome - a result of cervical vertebrae being dysfunctional, and so has been retired from riding , is now going to be a brood mare, more news on that if sucessfull, watch this space.

The Boss's Pro

Hi This is Rhys, He and the boss specialise in bringing on young horses,I leave them to it, old and reliable, sorry Tria, mature and reliable is more my style. This horse- his house name was Ravel- now Bob- is now in Dubai really happily being competed by his  owner. She is Jo , more about her later. Rhys looks after , schools, rides etc horses and gets paid for it, lucky swine! Just because he is younger than me and fitter, and has more nerve, well he is 20 years+ younger, and will ride anything, does that make him a better rider, well yes- I think I hate him- envy is a powerful motivator.. 

Rio says to me " you are too heavy!"( and you ain't my brother)

Rio who belongs to Simon and his brother Rhys above and in the picture on the ground is a very sensible ,recent Warmblood stallion- ex- stallion now, who on feeling my weight on his back said "no", as you can see Rhys was keeping a straight face while gently encouraging him, the Boss was taking the picture and laughing so hard it's  a miracle she got it.. I have included a picture below of Rio and Rhys in actiton with their dignity restored.

Rio and Rhys cruising

"Yes i will jump, I have Rhys on board now, he knows what he is doing, feeds and mucks me out every day and isn't fat  and old - but handsome ( well) like the other bloke!"   These 2 are getting better and better , and he is only a 4 year old, Rhys and him have the same mental age, "hooligan". Nicky likes Rhys, no acounting for tastes is there.

Simon and Dollar

This is Simon, he is in the R A F, wait don't jump to conclusions, he is not a warrior but a rescuer, you get caught at sea and he might be the one to rescue you from one of those large yellow helicopter thingyme bobs. He is riding Dollar , he thinks she is worth more than that, well he will have to take her to the USA to win that., he did well that day! He kept her with the Boss for a while so that they could both - yes Dollar and Simon- have lessons, she has learnt to calm down and he learnt, well you will  have to ask him! Such a personal question.

UPDATE: The pair of them are getting much better, good enough to get clear rounds at Aintree International Equestrian centre, and to be asked to go to a selection weekend for the RAF show jumping team, thats massive!

UPDATE: He has now jumped at Royal Windsor for the R A F team in front of H.M. The Queen, and down at Portsmouth against the Navy, its amazing how they can practice while in a submarine, bet it makes them fold forward well.